Bronnitsy, Maryinsky pereulok

Residential complex «Pushkinsky», Bronnitsy, Maryinsky pereulok

  • Total area of the complex: 25 800 m2
  • Number of storeys: 5-9
  • Total area of apartments: 19 260 m2
  • Area of non-residential premises: 1 301 m2

The project "Pushkinsky" is an original residential area located on the picturesque bank of Kozhurnovsky pond decorated by beautiful bridges. Architectural style of the building is characterized by simplicity, solidity and harmony. The formed infrastructure is perfectly combined in the present project with a lonely atmosphere, assuming sensation of piece and confidence in the future by the future house inhabitants.


The project "Pushkinsky" provides construction of the multistorey apartment building over two phases. At the first phase 5 residential blocks with total quantity of apartments 137 (57 one-roomed, 50 two-roomed, 30 three-roomed) and external building services systems will be ready. At the second phase 5 more residential blocks and intrasite building services systems will be constructed.